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Peter's Feeders — Quality Bird Feeders Since 1982

 IMPORTANT SPECIAL NOTICE! Dear Customers, it has been brought to our attention that a company apparently out of China has been posing as Peter's Feeders. They have stolen our web site pictures, videos and verbiage trying to get unsuspecting customers to make a purchase through them. Please do not buy from them as it is a SCAM! People are losing their money and certainly they're not getting what they thought they were purchasing, one of our feeders! This is happening with many small companies who don't have the resources or funds to fight it. They take what they can and move on to the next company. We did not know this was even happening but it's a crime the FTC says has robbed people of over 42 billion dollars. Please tell others about this. If we are informed we can stop it by simply not falling for the thievery. Check out any purchases you are making on line first so that you don't become their next victim.



Welcome to Peter’s Feeders! We are a family owned and operated manufacturer of high quality wild bird feeders, bird houses and bird feeding accessories.

Every hummingbird, oriole, finch, cardinal, chickadee, and wild bird feeder we make is handcrafted at our shop in Northwestern Wisconsin.

**We sell every feeder 100% satisfaction guaranteed**

Our bird feeders are made from 1/8” thick impact resistant plastics designed for outdoor use so they are tough and built to last. Not only do they work great for the birds but they also beautify your yard.

Our complete line of bird feeders includes feeders for nectar, peanut butter, sunflower seed, thistle seed, suet and grape jelly so you can offer wild birds any kind of bird seed or bird feed you desire.

We created each of our designs with the birds' needs in mind so you will feel confident that you are providing your neighborhood birds with a safe and delicious treat right in your own backyard.

Whether you are attracting wild birds with a bird house, bird bath or bird feeder, you will find it is educational as well as a wonderful thing to do for our feathered friends; everyone benefits!

Watching wild birds feeding right outside your window is an incredibly calming yet exciting experience. If you are a seasoned wild bird feeding pro or brand new to the hobby we are excited to share our passion for bird feeding with you!

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