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About Peter's Feeders


We started Peter's Feeders back in 1982 and over the years have been asked many times how the company began. We are always quick to say that it was an absolute answer to prayer.

Back then we were in an extremely difficult situation trying to navigate through a business failure all during very turbulent economic times. I was really asking God to please give me something I could do to start creating income.

About that same time my dear wife asked if I could make her a bird feeder; something better than the cheap feeder we were attempting to use. I have an inventive mind and an idea came to me for a new way to feed wild birds.

I spent a day or two working on it and proudly presented it to my wife. We hung it out expecting a flock of birds to start coming and I don’t think one bird came to my new invention for a good week or two.

Finally though, they did start coming to the feeder and little by little I made improvements and learned more about how the birds actually feed.

When I felt it was ready I started approaching stores in my local area and amazingly everyone who saw the feeders ordered some. To my surprise we suddenly found ourselves in the bird feeder manufacturing business.

Over the last 30 years we have sold feeders around the U.S. and Canada. We have been featured in numerous catalogs, exhibited at state fairs, craft shows, and sold through mail order.

Also during these past 30 years our children were born and have since grown up. Now we're honored to have them joining us in this ongoing venture and through them we hope it lives on beyond our years.

Thanks to our daughter, the future direction for the business is to take advantage of technology. She painstakingly put this web site together and suddenly our products and company can be found worldwide.

We have videos of the feeders actually in use for each of the models we produce (it’s a work in progress and more videos will be added soon), we are on Facebook, Youtube, and we are going to start using Twitter (how appropriate for a bird feeder company to be sending out tweets)!

In our Testimonial page we have included a sampling of the many letters we’ve received over the years from satisfied customers, (we believe we have many satisfied birds as well, even though we've not actually received any letters from them).

We love wildlife and it still thrills us when we get a new bird coming to our own feeding/testing station.Our goal is to continue providing great products that allow one to see the wonder of God’s creation up close and personal. That’s what bird feeding is all about.

May God’s blessings be on you, your family and your birds! Thanks for taking a look at our company and products!

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